Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lori's Learning

According to the Noah Webster 1828 dictionary, the word "lore" is a Saxon word derived from the root of laeran, to learn. Learning; doctrine; lesson; instruction. The past nine years of homeschooling my children has broadened my understanding of a lifestyle of learning. Someone once asked me, "When you die, will you know everything there is to learn?" Of course, the answer is NO - If I live to be 99, I'll know quite a wealth of "knowledge" but even then -- I will not know everything there is to learn!!! We are continually learning everyday -- or we should be. Someone else once said that when you stop learning... you die.

My desire with this blog is to learn how to journal and put my thoughts into written word. My children and I have studied the process of learning: Collecting Knowledge - Processing Knowledge - Communicating Knowledge. The three categories of Knowledge in which to learn are: Knowledge (truth in any field of interest), Experience and Skills. As I began to understand these concepts, I realized that although I love to take notes and have for many years, I'm reluctant to commit myself to putting what is in my head down on paper. Being somewhat of a perfectionist (to my detriment), I have a tendency to want it "perfectly" structured and "right" (whatever "right" is!!!) Boy, do I see myself in my children at times!! During writing time, I'm telling them to relax and let their paper be "messy" and "not perfect", because I want them to write! Just write!! ..... and inside, I'm telling myself, "Lori, you don't even do that and if you want them to do it, then you need to learn to do it yourself." So from that thought came -- The Blog - Lori Lore!
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