Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where have all the blogs gone....?

(My son took this pic of my nephew, Jadon at a wedding recently)

Well, it's been awhile... and I notice from the blog roll on my sidebar that it seems to be a trend.  Maybe it's that interest is waning... facebook is keeping them busy... or maybe everyone is just too busy living life... whatever the cause we are just not blogging as much.  In some ways, I really like the idea of writing, self-publishing and the creative options that go along with the blogging... but so far for me it's just been an "idea" to dabble in occasionally.  So for those FEW of you that do visit my blog sporadically, I apologize for the lack of activity... maybe someday it will be more!  But until then... continue to live life to the fullest...use your God-given abilities and talents and do things that a worthwhile and make you happy!
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