Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I love read-a-louds... for children and adults!  I have fond memories of my Dad reading us old Louis L'amour stories in the evening before bedtime.  The Sacketts were like family... my brother and I even named our boys after the Sackett Twins (Logan and Nolan).   I continued the tradition with my own children... reading to them as babies and then eventually in the extreme since we home-schooled.  We read-a-loud EVERYTHING from the Bible to Science Textbooks to historical novels.  We read many great stories that we will remember forever.   Great adventures with just me and my kids.  I think if I pulled out a book some evening, my (now young adult) children would still pile in the living-room to listen!

We've also always enjoyed audiobooks. (I mentioned Hank the Cowdog in an earlier post)  When the kids were little, we loved the Junie B. Jones audio series (which you can now download from iTunes).  The author reads the stories aloud and has a very "cute voice" and great technique!  I got the urge a while back to find some to listen to... she's so cute!  Over the years we have accumulated quite a audio collection ... (some on cassette tapes that we'll have to eventually transfer to mp3...wellllllll maybeeeee)  We have The Character Building Series....The Bible In Drama... G.A. Henty Novels.... Adventures in Odyssey... Radio Adventure Theatre... Sherlock Holmes... and of course, Louis L'amour Westerns...just to name a few!

Since I haven't posted in some time, I'm going leave this subject to be explored and expounded on more in-depth at a later date and get this posted right away.  So, without further ado, I'm going to share something that prompted this post in the first place.  I love "free stuff" and thought this was a fun thing to share with parents of little children... I just came upon free storytime at Barnes & Noble.  Get your little kiddos together and go check it out!  AND happy reading... or listening....Lori

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